Sunday, March 18, 2007

Asian virgins

The Asian actress Preity Zinta (Zinta: what a cool name!) said recently that while her latest movie is about an unmarried couple living together, it's not something she would do herself.

Zinta's latest Hindi movie, Salaam Namaste is about two young Indians living and working in Melbourne, Australia, where they are trying to escape overbearing families back home. The man and woman start out as friends and later move in together. "I'm very independent. If I believed in live-in relationships, I would have already done it by now," Zinta, 31, reportedly said in an interview.

Another hot actor Malika has also spoken out about virginity

Let her 17 kisses on screen not fool you. Bindaas babe Mallika Sherawat is pure as driven snow and wants the world to know it.

She thinks sex is fun and has no qualms about getting down and dirty before marriage. "To be honest, I am still a virgin because I haven't found the right person to get into a relationship. But personally I find the idea of a girl preserving her virginity for her husband quite outdated and repulsive. It is this kind of societal repression that is driving the youth to frustration and giving rise to crimes against women. The need for sex is natural and the more you seek to curb it, the stronger will be the backlash," she insists.

Mallika is not the only one who wants sex out of the closet. There are others as comfortable discussing matters carnal as they are about slipping into the barely-there outfits for their films.

According to Priyanka Chopra: "A healthy sex life is vital to a person's well-being, never mind if it's before or after marriage. Your body should be your only guide in deciding whether to have a physical relationship or not."

Despite her lack of inhibitions, the former Miss World feels sex should be a private affair. "For example if you were to ask me if I am a virgin, I would consider that too much of a personal question to reply. But while I may not tell you whether I have had sex or not, I would certainly have no problems getting intimate with a person of my choice in case that is what I want. After all sex is no different from other things that you do in life," she says.

This is Priyanka:
Priyanka maxim

Another Asian actress, and former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen says, "Virginity has lost its meaning today. And it's true for a man as well as a woman. No one investigates whether a woman or a man is virgin or not before getting into a relationship.Everyone knows that sex is an experience of life." Sushmita is a single mother; in the picture above she is with her daughter Renee.

Kareena kapoor another India star was involved in some gossip involving the "virgin" question:
The recent fiasco over lip locked smooches involving Kareena and Shahid, the biggest hot topic in Bollywood is when Kareena lost her virginity. Is she virgin?

An agitated Kareena Kapoor has said she'll do everything to protect her dignity after pictures published in a Mumbai tabloid showed her in an intimate situation with boyfriend Shahid Kapur. "I’m not this kind of girl. I’ve an illustrious family name to uphold."