Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Paloma Fiuza

beautiful Paloma Fiuza

As promised some very sexy pics of Paloma Fiuza in a bikini!

sexy Paloma Fiuza

Paloma Fiuza was born the 28 of December of 1983 in the province of Spirit Santo, Brazil. At the early age of 10 years Paloma entered the Academy of Korpus Dance where she learnt ballet, classic dance and jazz. In 1999 Paloma joined the program "Eu vi na tv" and at the same time belonged to a dance group called "Porto Seguro", which was very popular in Brazil.

Paloma Fiuza butt

Paloma obtained first place in a competition organized by Esporte Globe, after which she got a contract to dance in the Mekano program transmitted by Megavisión during year 2002 in Chile. Fiuza stayed with her dancing group "Porto Seguro" and even recorded a CD with the recognized company Universal Music.

The talent of this young Brazilian conquered Peruvian producers, and they signed a fresh contract for a program on the America chain TV in 2004. Soon the Axe group visited Ecuador and RTS signs them for the new program "Vamos con todo" (We go yet).
Paloma Fiuza has a great ass
When Fiuza had the opportunity to replace by six months the original presenter Janine Leal in "Vamos con todo" it reaches much acceptance and it manages to captivate the Ecuadorian public, then RTS decides to send Paloma Fiuza as their new star in the nocturnal program "Gran Hermano del Pacífico para Ecuador" next to Ángelo Barahona. With these TV programs Paloma Fiuza became one of the most popular stars in Ecuador.

Paloma's forays into advertising were also a success and the sales of products or services that she supported increased so much that she came to be called "vendedoras" (the saleswoman) on national TV. During the month of August of 2005 "Vamos con todo" registered a record 30 thousand fanatical young people thanks to the popularity of Paloma Fiuza.

Porto Seguro

Photo of her dance group Porto Seguro.

Paloma Fiuza has such a cute face

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Paloma Fiuza in a small bikini

Paloma Fiuza

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sexy and beautiful Paloma Fiuza

The curvy, cute, sexy, and vivacious Paloma Fiuza!