Monday, January 28, 2008

Naughty Sandra Nilsson

attractive young Swede The classy Sandra Nilsson. Sweden next top modelSandra Nilsson, Emma Johansson, Florina Weisz, Freja Kjellberg Borchies and Sofia Eriksson in Sweden's Next Top Model. Sandra Nilsson Hawaiian TropicNatalia Komarzysiska, Emanuel Pkitzner & Sandra Nilsson at the Hawaiian Tropic party.

Sandra Nilsson body

While on a trip to Cannes, the now naughty Sandra Nilsson was spotted by Hugh Hefner's brother Keith. After some reluctance about posing nude, Sandra eventually agreed to do the photoshoot. naughty Sandra Nilsson Since then Sandra has been busy appearing for interviews and movie premieres. Sandra Nilsson dating Marcus Schenkenberg Sandra Nilsson is currently dating fellow Swede model Marcus Schenkenberg.

Sandra Nilsson Playmate Sweden


Molto said...

Sandra Nilson bella ragazza!

Anonymous said...

forever isn't long enough 2 complment lovely sandra , or sandy as i know her

Anonymous said...

"Sandy", as you know her? while you jerk it in the bathroom? She goes by Sandra - Always has and always will. Nice try but you failed

Anonymous said...

"Initially reluctant to pose even in bikinis"

If you weren't planning to even pose in a bikini, why did you spend thousands getting breast implants?