Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nadine Velazquez

Nadine Velazquez Maxim UK Nadine Velazquez, the hot Latina from cold and windy Chicago. Nadine Velazquez is a pin up girl and has been featured twice in Maxim. Nadine has posed almost topless for these men's magazines like Maxim and Stuff, and says that she is open to onscreen nudity. Velazquez is also open to the idea of plastic surgery, but only when she's 50 and her face starts to sag; "I don’t want to start looking like a plastic mannequin, I’ll just nip and tuck." Nadine Velazquez And speaking about age; why did it take so long for Nadine to enter show business? She was almost 25 when first appearing on film...a bit role in the 2003 movie Biker Boyz. Even more surprising when you consider that she wanted to be an actress at age 13! Nadine Velazquez Nadine studied at an all-girls school in Chicago, where among other things she tried cheerleading and tennis. She had by then caught the acting bug, but there were few opportunities for that profession in Chicago. The resourceful Velazquez looked up the name of a talent agency in her city and took the bus to their office after school! The agent Myra, who met Nadine, told her to bring her mother along but Mrs. Velazquez did not want her teenage girl going into this unknown field. At that early age Nadine, like other teenage girls, used to experiment with her looks and had dyed her hair blonde. Recalls Nadine, "Myra said that I was very beautiful, and she was in love with my nose, but she said that I looked older than my age, because at the time I had my hair dyed blonde. Since then I've never dyed my hair blonde again. I've kept it dark and I've kept to the way that I look and who I am, which is a dark-haired Latina." Nadine E Velazquez So Nadine returned to school where satisfied her creative urges by acting in plays. At age 18 Velazquez joined Columbia College in Chicago and studied for a BA in Marketing. But she also took a job as Myra's assistant in the talent agency. And it was Myra who prompted her to pursue her childhood dream. Nadine bagged her first commercial for MacDonald's and got other work as a model. She also joined an acting troupe to get some stage experience. sexy Nadine After moving to Los Angeles, Nadine got bit roles in film and TV but stuck through this initial struggle. 2003 was her breakout year, when the beautiful Velazquez was cast in the TV series The Bold and the Beautiful, and movies like Biker Boyz and Chasing Papi, in which she appeared alongside another hot Latina Sofia Vergara. This was also the year when she first featured in Stuff Magazine. Nadine Velazquez topless for stuff Nadine's other roles (Blast, Sueno, and House of the Dead) were forgettable but she did not give up her acting ambitions and continued auditioning for several TV pilots. In 2005 she was picked for two TV shows; Prison Break and My Name Is Earl. Nadine picked the latter, saying, "It was very simple for me. I'm one of the lucky actors because this was the third pilot that I had read so early on in the season." My Name Is Earl is a goofy comedy about a collection of dim-witted losers, where Nadine portrays an ex-stripper working as a maid in a seedy hotel. sexy Velazquez Her character Catalina in the show was originally written as a Russian immigrant, but Nadine's audition had such an impact on the show producers that Catalina was re-written to be a Latina immigrant. Nadine herself is of Puerto-Rican heritage, but in Chicago she says that she grew up in a culturally mixed environment. "I didn’t grow up in a typical Hispanic neighborhood. In fact it wasn’t a Hispanic neighborhood at all. I grew up in a Polish and Italian neighborhood. It was actually a multi-ethnic neighborhood, but there were no Hispanics." Nadine Velazquez was a judge at the recent Miss Universe (2008) contest. She lives with her husband, literary agent Marc Provissiero, and is working on a fitness DVD.